18 Watt PC Bulbs

These 18 Watt PC bulbs fit the 6 Watt nano cube as well as any power compact light for 18 W

These are our standard 18 Watt aquarium bulbs.


18W - 6500k Power Compact Bulb B18-w/65k

Power Compact Bulb Straight Pin 18 Watt 6500 Kelvin Freshwater - B18-w/65k

6G Nano Cube 18W Combo Lamp - B18-BW10K

6 Gallon Nano Cube 18 Watt Combo Light - Straight Pin - B18-BW10K

18 W Straight PIN Linear Blue 7100 K -7200 K PC Bulb - B18-B

More of a blue type lamp awesome for coral growth. B18-B

B18-BW/10K Blue/White Combo/18W Straight Pin Linear

Combo Power Compact Bulb 18 Watt 10 Kevin White and Blue - Straight Pin - B18-BW/10K

10,000K DAYLIGHT Power Compact - 12k 18W STRAIGHT PIN LINEAR - B18-W/10K

10,000 Kelvin DAYLIGHT Power Compact - 12k 18 Watt STRAIGHT PIN LINEAR - B18-W/10K

B18.-W/65K Daylight 6500K-6700K 18W Straight Pin Linear

Daylight 6500K-6700K 18 Watt Straight Pin Linear - B18.-W/65K