JBJ ATO Automatic Top Off System


JBJ Automatic Top Off System

  • ATO has two sensors which can turn on and off a power head to automatically fill your sump with water from your reservoir
  • When the water level in your sump drops the automatic top off sensor will turn on the powerhead / pump (in your reservoir) on until your sump is filled back to the correct level.
  • Keeps your salinity constant!
  • The JBJ ATO  automatic top off unit A.T.O is great for when you are away for an extended time.
  • Item #: JBJ ATO Water Level Controller System
    Model: A.T.O. by Transworld Aquatics
    Purpose: To automatically replenish water lost through evaporation dosing.
    Power Supply for Pump Capacity: 2 Amps
    DIM: (D) 1.5" x (H) 4" x (W) 2.75"
    Weight: 2 lbs
    Powerhead / Pump: (Not Included)

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    JBJ ATO Automatic Top Off System for Aquariums
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