JBJ K-2 Viper Light

Need more lighting for your 12 or 24 gallon deluxe Nano Cube?  Well the K-2 Viper lamp is just what you need.

JBJ K-2-150 (150WATT HQI/14,000k metal halide)

The K-2 Viper offers a streamlined design to fit on virtually any small reef tank or use it in series for larger tanks. All models include one 14,000K (double-ended) metal halide lamp which casts the most intense amount of light for SPS, Clams, and Hard Corals.  This can be used for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

The K-2 Viper Series work great with nano cube tanks.

Sorry, the K-2 Viper Light has been discontinued. Please check out our other aquarium lighting options at the top of this page.

k 2 Viper Deluxe Manual