Metal Halide Bulbs


So you need to replace those old aquarium bulbs in your existing metal halide tank?  We have the sale of a lifetime on our MH HQI Bulbs.


Prepare to be blinded with the intensity of our aquarium bulbs.

Many kelvin ratings to choose from.

10000k, 20000k and more. Double ended and mogul base. Extreme lighting for extreme needs. Typical for coral use.

These high output lights come in a variety of spectrums that range from 6500k for a freshwater tank to 100k for daylight and 20000k great for a saltwater aquarium. Double ended HQI units are much smaller in size compared to standard screw in units on many of the older units.

You will find a large selection of metal halide aquarium lighting in our store @ sale pricing.

Many of these will fit the Viper units we sell such as the K-2 Viper Deluxe with fan by JBJ Lighting