Replacement LEDs

Replacement LEDS for the JBJ Nanocube

LEDs have a very long lifespan but occasionally do go out. If it is time to replace yours, be sure to choose the correct size for the JBJ nano cube tank that you have. On most models, this is simple plug-and-play and you just remove the small wire for its attachment inside your hood.

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JBJ 28G NanoCube Replacement Dawn/Dusk 3 Watt LED 2-Pack for MT-601


12 G & 24 G Nano Cube DX - Replacement Moonlight LED 2 Pk - MT-LED

12 & 24 Gal Nano Cube Deluxe - Replacement Moonlight LED 2 Pk - MT-LED

28 G Nano Cube HQI - Replacement LED 2 Pk - MT-60-LED (KX-SZ-03B)

28 Gallon Nano HQI - (2 pk) LED Replacement - MT-60-LED (KX-SZ-03B)
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28G Nano Cube Professional 3W LED Strip - MT-601-18

28 Gallon Nanocube Replacement 3 Watt Daylight LED MT-601-18
Ships Free

6G LED Nano Cube - 13W LED Canopy Only - MT-308-C

6 Gallon LED Nanocube - 13 Watt LED Canopy Only - MT-308-C

28G Nano Cube Professional 1W Moonlight LED - MT-601-17

Replacement 1 Watt Moonlight LED for 28 Gallon Nanocube - MT-601-17 (2 pk)

MT-208DX-RL Cubey DX Replacement LED Panel

JBJ Cubey Deluxe Replacement LED Panel - MT-208DX-RL
Ships Free

28G Nano Professional Moonlight Transformer - MT-601-13

JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube Advanced Aquarium with LED Lighting (MT-601) Replacement 1 Watt LED Moonlight Transformer. MT-601-13

6G Nano Cube Moonlight LEDs-2pc - MT-30-LE

JBJ 6 Gallon Nanocube - Replacement Moonlight LEDS - 2pc - GEN1 - MT-30-LE

28G Nano Cube Dawn/Dusk LED 2pk MT-601-9 (28G-1*3W)

28 Gallon Nano Cube Professional LED - Replacement Dawn/Dusk LED 2 pk MT-601-9 (28G-1*3W)