Replacement Hoods

We will keep an update of all in-stock JBJ nano cube replacement hoods.

12 and 24 gallon HOODS have been redesigned. Any hood manufactured before August 2008, will require a replacement of the hoods AND ballast, if replacing either one.

These JBJ nano cube hoods include the bulbs as well as the ballast with the 6 gallon one. These are special order only and quantities of the replacement hoods for the JBJ Nano cube aquariums are very limited. And many times we must wait till a damaged tank arrives. Feel free to email us as to availability but typically they are in stock @ all times.

6 Gal JBJ Nano Cube Replacement Hood

6G JBJ Nano Cube Replacement Hood - 6 Gal FULL HOOD replacement
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6G Nano Cube Canopy Replacement Hood - MT-30-C

JBJ 6 Gallon Nano Cube - Canopy Assembly W/ Bulb - MT-30-C
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12 G DX Hood Replacement - MT-402-C2

12 Gal Replacement Hood Includes Bulbs x 2 Fans - MT-402-C2
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LED 12G Nano Cube Replacement Canopy - MT-408-C

12 Gallon Led Nano Cube - 17.5 Watt Led Hood Only - MT-408-C
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24 G Deluxe NanoCube Replacement Hood

DX JBJ 24 Gallon FULL Nano Cube Replacement Hood

28G Compact Fluorescent Quad Canopy Kit - MT-602-CKIT

104 Watt Quad Canopy Kit - Fits 28 Gal & 24 Gal Nano-Cubes - MT-602-CKIT
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24G DX Hood Replacement

24 Gallon Deluxe NANO Hood Replacement
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24G 28G LED Canopy 29 Watt Upgrade Hood - Intermediate - MT-603-CKIT

24 Gal 28 Gal LED Canopy 29 Watt Upgrade Hood - Intermediate - MT-603-CKIT
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24-28G Professional LED Replacement Hood by JBJ - MT-601-CKIT

This offers LED lighting for 24 or 28 gallon professional nano cube in the extreme. MT-601-CKIT
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