Coolworks Iceprobe + Temp Controller TEC 65

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Cool Works Ice Probe Includes the Temp Controller TEC-65 and Power Ballast

Keep your fish tank cool with the Coolworks Iceprobe aquarium chiller.  Great for maintianing a constant temperature in reef tanks or freshwater bodies of water. Your fish and corals will love this.

The CoolWorks Ice Probe Chiller works best for Small Fish Tanks (55 gallons or less). Includes power cord.

With no compressor needed for thermoelectric cooling, the Cool Works IceProbe Small Aquarium Chiller is exceptionally quiet and dependable.

Efficiently converts electricity directly into cooling power through innovative thermoelectric technology: uses no refrigerants.

Environmentally friendly: no gases or chemicals
Dependable: one moving component – the fan
Easy, one hole/nut Installation
Safe, low voltage operation

This is the full chiller that comes with power supply, temperature controller tec-65 and of course the water cooler itself.

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