Viper Aquarium Nano Cube 24 Gallon Combo Kit

150 Watt k-2 Viper+ 24g tank
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Viper AQUARIUM NanoCube 24G Combo Kit - 50 Watt k-2 Viper+ 24g tank

Product Weight 99 lbs

JBJ K-2 Viper light included with HQI bulbs - 150 Watt of pure HQI metal halide lighting with clamp on brackets. Comes standard with 14000K bulb. Nano Cube aquarium with all media pumps, nano carbon media etc.

Comes with a glass top specifically made by JBJ to fit the nano cube. Fish and corals will love this environment.

Open Top 24 Gallon Glass JBJ Nano Cube
Offers Panoramic viewing with smooth rounded corners. Provides the ideal dimensions for a mini-reef tank that requires depth for proper rock stacking.
Integrated 3-Stage Filtration
Discreetly hidden with a newly redesigned filter for better surface skimming. Provides maximum space for tank inhabitants. All models now include an output return nozzle for directional flow control. An adjustable 266 GPH submersible pump is included.
Mechanical - Sponge filter detritus and free floating paticulate matter.
Chemical - Activated Carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odor.
Biological - Ceramic Rings & Bioballs provide the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria FISH ONLY tanks.

K-2 Viper HQI Clamp on Lamp Lighting Fixture

The K-2 Viper offers a streamline design to fit on virtually any small reef tank. All models include one 14,000K (Double-Ended) metal halide lamp which casts the most intense amount of light for SPS, Clams and Hard Corals.

Versatility keeps you in control

The K-2 Viper will virtually fit on any size aquarium! Our unique design allows you to angle the light right where you need it most. With 3 separate adjustment knobs, you can configure the way you deem most fitting for you live inhabitants' lighting needs.

Replicating Mother Nature

There is nothing more intense or spectacular than the vibrant rays the sun can produce. But, we sure came close to emulating the power of the sun enclosed in a compact design for the next best thing. The K-2 Viper is guaranteed to instantly transform aquariums with fluorescent lighting into showroom display tanks with rhythmic shimmering throughout the tank and intensified light output. Your live inhabitants won't know the difference, we guarantee it!

All models are pre-installed with our 14,000K Double-Ended HQI lamp that produces a crisp, ice-white color with a tint of blue to accent corals and fish. Your unit also includes our “Hammertone” reflector for maximum reflective efficiency surrounded by a UV Glass Shield to protect you and livestock from harmful UV output.

Plug-N-Play Operation

The K-2 Viper is so EASY to install you'll be on your way to the most spectacular lighting display you've ever seen within minutes!

* Dimensions: 18" (L) x 19.6" (W) x 19.7" (H)
* Capacity: 24 gallons
* Power Supply: AC110V-60Hz
* Pump (included): 266 GPH
* Lighting: 150 Watt HQI Metal Halide, 14,000K
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