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This customer wants to know what would be a better fit for his nano cube.  Would the JBJ Viper clamp on light work best or the HQI replacement hood?


i was thinking of replacing the hood of my 24 nano but not sure if it will fit. My current tank has the regular 50/50 lights (2) and the led for moonlights.

Not sure if its the DX or the regular version, i bought it used. Will the 24 gallon nano cube canopy kit 150W HQI hood and bulb with 14K bulb (replacement

hood) fit on my tank?? if it does not may i return it for a refund? Last question is, will i need a chiller for this hood if i purchase it?? i know the halides produce a lot of heat. Or am i better off with the Viper Lamp?? hope my questions are clear enough to answer. If all is good i will be purchasing the HQI hood shortly.



The new 24 g replacement HQI hood should work fine for your unit.


They do produce heat though but with 4 fans it helps a lot.  Since this is such a new unit I honestly do not have any user reports of it heating their tank but again it is a new unit only a few months old on the market.


The clamp on JBG hqi Viper is a sure bet but then no leds and also you would need a glass top for it as well so $$$ adds up.






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