JBJ nano cube

  • Description

On sale now: the JBJ Nano Cube. Comes with hood, filter pumps and a whole lot more

The freshwater or saltwater tank has wide dimensions that make it easier to work with, especially as a miniature saltwater reef or freshwater planted aquarium.

The JBJ Nano Cube offers excellent filtration system which is built right into the back for freshwater or saltwater reef tanks. With JBJ Replacement Sponges and carbon included.  The nanocube comes with a submersible aquarium pump or power head that circulates water through the filter and back into the aquarium nine times per hour.

The nano cube tank comes with your choice of 50/50 power compact fluorescent bulbs for marine tanks (included) and a 6500k - 6700 kelvin for freshwater plant tanks (extra) for the nanocube. The remote ballast with wiring features UL-approved, German "snap-lock" lamp sockets and disconnect cable.

The flip-top canopy can be opened for maintenance or feeding and has two fans for cool operation. Optional 3-piece stand fits perfectly under the nanocube tank. 115V/60 Hz, 36" power cords. CE-approved, one-year warranty.

Any questions? Feel free to place them on our forum here.  See the new picotope super small aquarium. All units come with sponges, powerheads and pumps and lighting if they are new aquariums.