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The C-Scope Refractometer is designed for testing the concentrations of saltwater by providing a direct reading of the specific gravity and concentration (Parts Per Thousand) of salt in water.  9x2 Dims

The JBJ C-Scope provides a reliable refractive index and salinity readings of total dissolved solids of aqueous solutions. The refractive index is the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in the medium (saltwater) being measured. Light is slowed by passing through saltwater, so the index of refraction is an indication of this speed change. Marine aquarists use this refractive index to determine how much salt is present in the aquarium water. Saltwater becomes less dense as the temperature rises.
Keeping all of your livestock fish and corals in good shape is the job of a responable aquarium hobbiest or professional.
One of the most important parameters when keeping a marine tank is the salinity ( salt concentrations) of your water. Natural Seawater has a salinity of about 35 ppt (Parts Per Thousand). This unit of measure (ppt) is the amount of salt(g) in 1 kg of water. Measuring Salt Concentrations in water can be measured a variety of way—Specific Gravity (useof Hydrometer), Refractive Index (use of Refractometer), and Conductivity (use of electronic meters). An important feature when choosing a method of monitoring depends on how accurately the instrument can be calibrated.
The C-Scope has the Automatic Temperature Compensation feature. This allows you to get accurate readings of your saltwater every time.

The following items should be included:
A. C-Scope Refractometer B. Soft Cloth Wipe C. Plastic Pipette D. Calibration Screw Driver

Adjusting Water Parameters. The ideal salinity levels for fish only tanks =30-35 ppt. The ideal salinity for reef tanks = 32-35 ppt. Adjust your levels accordingly by adding fresh water to decrease salinity levels and adding salt water to increase salinity levels. OPERATION: Before testing your sample

Calibrating the C-Scope is recommended.

Calibration Step 1: Open Daylight Plate and place 2-3 drops of dis-tilled water on the main prism. Close the day-light plate so the water spreads across the entire surface of the prism without air bubbles or dryspots. Allow the sample to temperature adjust on the prism for approximately 30 seconds before going to

Step #2. (This allows the sample to adjust to the ambient temperature of the refractometer)POOR GOODCalibration Step 2: Hold daylight plate in the direction of a light source and look into the eyepiece. You will see a circular field with graduations down the center (you may have to focus the eyepiece to clearly see the graduations). The upper portion of the field should be blue; the lower portion should be white. Calibration

Step 3: Remove the small black cap and insert the Calibration Screw Driver into the Calibra-tion Dial. Look into the eyepiece and turn the Calibration Screw Driver until the boundary between the upper blue field and lower white field meet exactly on the zero scale.

Testing Specific Gravity

 Step 1: After calibration – wipe prism dry. Place 2-3 drops of your aquarium water on the main prism. Close the daylight plate so the water spreads across the entire surface of the prism without air bubbles or dryspots. SALINITY

Testing Specific Gravity Step 2: Hold daylight plate in the direction of a light source and look into the eyepiece. Look through the eyepiece and turn the Focus Adjustment until the clear. Take the reading where the boundary line of blue and white cross the graduated scale. Salinity (PPT) Specific Grav-ity 0 1.0000 30 1.0226 31 1.0233 32 1.0241 33 1.0249 34 1.0256 35 1.0264 36 1.0271 37 1.0279 38 1.0286 39 1.0294 Maintenance1. Do not expose the Refractometer to damp working conditions 2. Do not immerse the Refractometer in water. 3. Do not measure abrasive or corrosive chemicals with this instrument. 4. Clean the instrument between each measurement using the soft cloth included.

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