24 Gallon JBJ ALL LED Nano Cube Biotope - MT508-L

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Integrated Closed Loop Filtration System Comprised of 3 Stages:

The discreet three staged closed loop chamber system, is driven by a fully submergible Accela pump which is hidden in the third chamber .  The first chamber houses the filtration intake which draws in water from the surface, assisting to ensure water clarity by trapping particulate matter.  An adjustable outlet nozzle from the third chamber necessitates the return of clean water to the aquarium.  The JBJ 3 stage chamber filtration system facilitates three necessary requirements of any type of aquaria, including freshwater fish only, freshwater planted, marine fish only, marine mini-reef and brackish;


Mechanical - Replaceable Sponge filter traps detritus and free floating particulate matter.


Chemical - Replaceable Activated Carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odor.


Biological - Ceramic Rings & Bioballs provide the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria FISH ONLY tanks, these need not be replaced as they house detrinifying bacteria such as nitrobacter and nitrosomis.


Integrated Next Generation Flip Top Canopy Cree LED Lighting with Built in Fans


While only concealing 6 LED’s of approximately 1.3 watts each (5: 10,000k and 8: 20,000k). These high intensity These high intensity LED diodes put out three times the amount of an equivalent power compact fluorescent system) while still remaining cool to the touch.  This means less evaporation, and less chance for a catastrophic salinity change if utilizing the nano cube for brackish or marine tanks.  The canopy  still houses built in cooling fans that draw air out of the canopy to assist in dealing with heat generated by the tanks, as well as managing moisture.  The LED’s are not only more efficient but cost saving as well, utilizing an electronic ballast and a lifespan of 50,000 hours before diminishing in output compared to about 3,000 hours with a power compact system.

Product Weight 47 lbs
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