* Discontinued 30G Rimless + Pacifica LED + Stand - RL-301C

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30 Gallon Rimless Series + Pacifica LED + Stand (Knockdown) RL-301C

This package includes a tank, a stand, and a light of the highest quality. The JBJ 30 Gallon Rimless Nano Cube Aquarium offers a panoramic view of your aquarium. This deluxe mid-size tank features crystal clear water filtration and superior water flow. The stand is 36" tall. A lot of nano tank stands are only 24" to 30" tall. A 36" tall stand is perfect for both viewing and maintenance. The JBJ Pacific LED, with 108 Watts, has more than enough power to sufficiently illuminate a complete reef tank.
  • Acrylic filter wall w/ dual overflows; 3 stage filter media basket; Mechanical sponges; Activated carbon sponges; Biological ceramic rings
  • Dual return nozzle; Designated heater column; Designated refugium column
  • Dimensions (including filtration area): 16.5" tall x 19.7 front to back x 23.6" wide
  • Stand: 36" tall x 20-1/4" front to back x 24-1/4" wide
  • Extreme cool white [12,000 Kelvin] & blue [20,000 Kelvin] combination, which studies show meets the requirements of most photosynthetic cnidaria kept in tropical marine reef aquariums while giving an exceptionally appealing aesthetic appearance: 16 x 3 Watt 12,000K diodes; 16 x 3 Watt 20,000K diodes; 4 x 3 watt 456nm Actinic diodes (for night lighting)
  • Product Weight 154 lbs
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