24 Watt PC Bulbs

96w 65-6700 k

PC bulbs for the aquarium.  Can be used on many lights.

Replaces the 12 gallon deluxe and standard nano cube.

Only straight pin bulbs will work in the nano cubes.


An All White 24 Watt Power Compact Light - Daylight - B24-W/10K


96w 65-6700 k_20160203125652
(DCV) Daylight 6500K-67K 24 Watt Power Compact Straight Pin Linear - B24.-W/65K
(DCV) Blue 7100 K-70 2k 24 Watt Straight PIN Linear Power Compact Bulb - B24-B

All 24 watt bulbs are no longer made.  You will need to upgrade to led hoods.

(DCV) Combo Bulb 24 Watt Straight Pin Linear Power Compact Blue / White - B24-BW/10K