Misc Replacement Parts

We offer a full line of replacement parts for the Nanocube.
Everything from fans for the ballast to replacement hoods. If you need something we do not show do not hesitate to contact us.
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JBJ Replacement Fan for 12 / 24 Gallon Nano Cube - MT-40/50-F
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Replacement Fan for 28G Nano 2 Pack - MT-60-F
JBJ MT-208-DX-RC Cubey Remote Control Replacement

JBJ Nano Cube Replacement Plastic Lens Cover Splash Guard - You Pick Size

MT-HC Replacement Hinge Clip For MT30, MT402, MT50, MT60
Bio Balls 1pk - 6 Pieces - MT-BB
Now Only
28 Gallon Nano Cube Heat Sink Replacement - MT-601-7/8