( Discontinued ) 28 LED Intermediate Nano Cube - 29 Watts - MT-603-LED

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JBJ presents this most up-to-date development for the popular 28G Nano Cube Collection. MT-603-LED


MT-603-LED Nano Aquarium Please see new models of the 28 Nano Cube tanks as this is obsolete

JBJ's high intensity LED illumination system provides the power of halides and the broad coverage of T5 lighting with more than 10x the lifespan. It will require much less energy usage, is cool running while offering gorgeous shimmering whilst being eco-friendly.

Innovative Qualities LED Illumination High intensity LED lighting provides the capacity to be able to significantly increase PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) which in turn designates the spectral range from 400 - 700 nanometers for the development of photosynthetic creatures even though cutting down energy input.


The completely new cover provides all-around the clock brightness all driven by individual power cords. Remarkable 50,000 hr life-span with a 30% reduction in output. You won't need to change lamps for at very least 10 years* 61 lbs empty

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UPC: 940005101152. EAN: 0940005101152. ASIN: B004TM8Q1U

Superbly Effective: The 27 w Brought system offers enough light with regard to soft corals (LED lights are better for each watt than small fluorescent or T5 HO lighting). Because LEDs switch on in order to complete brightness without having to warm-up, you are able to instantly light up your aquariums without the wait. These revolutionary diodes expand heat upwards and from the water to reduce unwanted warmth move that may be harmful for aquarium animals

Aquarium water is directed right into a 3-Stage filtration system media basket, that comes installed with a mechanical sponge, chemical activated Carbon and natural ceramic rings. The actual 3-Stage filter press container may web host a variety of chemical substance medias to suit your needs. Cleansing is particularly simple because all you've got to complete is actually lift up on the actual container manage watching the water drain out the underside for any easy and dry filtration system alter. All baskets have a slipping door for additional comfort.

Once the water simply leaves the actual filter basket water is actually divided to the specified heater column (heating unit not really included) to the left and the counter-top present, air-driven proteins skimmer to the right. The region that contains the heater, proteins skimmer and 3-Stage Filtration system press basket always has a continuing water level.

Once the water is actually warmed as well as skimmed, water flows over to the pump motor drinking water columns. Drinking water is directed back to the primary entire body of the aquarium tank by way of (2) UL-Listed Accela Sends rated at 266gph in a reduced power pull of 16W. The actual Nano Cube LED also consists of the Ocean Heartbeat Duo Wavemaker, that produces violent currents for any more natural saltwater atmosphere.
Your wavemaker could be set through Around 10 secs to six moment switching cycles. Drinking water is came back via (Two) online return nozzles upon both sides from the middle overflow for even organic power.
28 LED Intermediate Fish Tank

Daytime - twenty five x three W - 14K
Dawn/Dusk - 4 x 3 Watt - Actinic/466nm
Moon - 2 x 1 Watt - Nite-Vu/456nm