EFU-45 Reaction Canister Filter

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Reaction 4 Stage Canister Filter + UV / Rated 175G / 290 GPH - EFU-45

  • Integrated Self Priming Lever
  • Quick Disconnect Shut Off Valve
  • On/Off Switch for UV-C Germicidal Lamp
  • High Capacity Media Storage

    Mechanical + Chemical + Biological + UV Sterilization

    Reaction 4 stage canisters are the newest innovation in high capacity filtration systems. This amazing canister filter incorporates high media storing capacity with easy to remove basket trays, self priming lever, quick disconnect shut off valve for easy media replacement, and an intergraded UV sterilizer with On/Off switch that polishes water to crystal clarity while keeping pathogens at bay in your freshwater or saltwater fish tank.


    Reaction 4 Stage Canister filters utilize mechanical, chemical, biological, filtration, and IV sterilization for a balanced aquarium. Water enters the canister via the intake strainer and is guided through a large sponge to trap particulate matter. The water then reaches 500g of activated carbon to remove harmful dissolved organic compounds. Water is directed over the ceramic rings that offer a tremendous amount of surface are internally and externally to grow beneficial aerobic bacteria that break down harmful ammonia and nitrate and nitrite. All filtered water then passes through our powerful UV-C lamp for pathogen and green water elimination.


    Reaction 4 Stage Canister Filters are equipped with top of the line features to provide high performance and make regular upkeep fast and simple. Incorporates integrated self-priming lever, quick disconnect shut off valve, on/off switch for UV-C germicidal lamp, and high capacity media storage.


    Our innovated self-priming lever eliminates the need for manual siphoning. Simply pump the lever up and down vigorously until the water enters the inlet and the remaining air bubbles leave the outlet.


    Definitely the most useful feature to keep floors dry when carrying out routine monthly maintenance. The Quick Disconnect Shut Off Valve is an integrated tool that instantly creates a watertight seal that stops water from entering or exiting the filter.

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    Product Weight 20.31 lbs
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