Dennerle Breeders n Keepers Vol. 3 - DE-BKV3

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Dennerle Breeders n Keepers Shrimp Magazine Vol. 3 - DE-BKV


Here it is! The hot third magazine in the Breeders'n'Keepers series has arrived. Numerous topics related to the captivating world of shrimp are covered in this edition. Dilwyn "Silanes" Tng and Chris Lukhaup write about their journey to southwestern China to find the Galaxy Tiger, Blue Bee, and Blue Aura in their natural habitat. The central emphasis of this magazine, though, is on many of the diseases and other problems that shrimp keepers may experience. On board for this part is Michael Wolfinger, who has tons of experience dealing with shrimp ailments.

In order to help the shrimping community to have as few losses as possible from parasites, CRUSTAHUNTER authors Ulli Bauer and Andrea Frueh offer valuable insight on planarians and other pests. And the interviews and breeder products can’t be missed! Manfred Reinelt talks about his slick creations, Florian Heidenreich introduces himself and his creatures, Marko Buschbeck expounds on his project "Super Crystal Black", and Cristian Ghia of Italy and Tanja Schiebel from Swabia/Germany offer perceptions of their breeding methods. Yet we open the issue - as always - with Werner Klotz's Science Shrimp News.

Keep on shrimpin'!

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