Dennerle Staurogyne Repens In Vitro Live Plant S40 DE-30203

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Dennerle Staurogyne Repens In Vitro Live Plant S40 Plant-it Cup DE-30203

Staurogyne repens is a stunning new member of the acanthus family found in Brazil. It’s a bit similar to a miniature Hygrophila in appearance, but it’s an excellent foreground plant. Its growth is exceedingly slow and in ideal conditions it will creep over the growing medium. Powerful illumination and a decent source of nutrients are required to grow this variety. Staurogyne will produce many new horizontal shoots after frequent pruning, and will ultimately provide a lovely, dense mass of foliage. These beauties pair well with Hemianthus callitrichoides in aquascapes.

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·        Slow-growing, creeping stem plant

·        Hugely popular in aquascaping

·        Fabulous compact plant that needs a lot of maintenance and care

·        Great for Nano Cubes

·        Cultivated and packed in sterile conditions to guarantee quality

·        No algae, snails, or other unwanted pests

·        Plant is shipped in a clear plastic cup with leaves submerged – no acclimation required

·        “How To Plant” instructions printed inside the label

·        CO2 20-30mg/L

·        Ideal growing temp range 22 to 28°C (65 to 78°F)

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