Dennerle Ranunculus Inundatus In Vitro Live Plant R20 DE-30067

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Dennerle Ranunculus Inundatus In Vitro Plant-it Live Plant River Buttercup R20 DE-30067

New to the aquarium market is the Ranunculus inundatus, commonly called the river buttercup. This attractive species lives in the shallows of ponds and lakes in Australia. Its distinguishing features are the leaves which are shaped like a slotted umbrella. Like Hydrocotyle species, this plant constantly develops runners that tend to creep along the soil and produce new leaf stems at the nodes. This gradually creates lovely groups of plants with a decorative look. Ranunculus inundatus needs bright lighting and therefore requires more fertilization than most plants.


In Vitro plants are submersed in 100 percent humidity. Many aquatic specimens available are immersed, which means the leaves are growing above the water. These plants die back when they are planted within an aquascape, and they regrow with the new leaves looking very different than they did when they were sold. With InVitro submerged specimens, you get uniform, continuous development.


Another benefit to the culture cups is that they have many small plantlets that can be divided out and spread throughout your tank, so you get a lot of value for your money.


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• Vivid green foreground plant

• Suggested for aquascape hobbyists with intermediate experience

• Ideal temperatures 68 to 82°F (20 to 28°C)

• CO2 - 20 to 30mg/L

• “How to Plant” instructions printed inside the label

• Cultivated and packed under sterile conditions in a watertight culture cup

• Free of pathogens, algae, snails, and other unwanted pests

• Store sealed in daylight until ready to plant

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