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The Picotope all glass aquarium tank is small in size but perfect in beauty.

This tank is awesome for a desktop or tabletop with its small footprint.

The Picotope in all its beauty provides a spacious living quarters for your fish with this all glass design by JBJ.  It's small but not too small. The JBJ Pico tank provides balance in size and cost.
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JBJ MX30 Picotope 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit

Explore the world of nano aquarium 3 gallon Pico Tope by JBJ. The Picotope System has everything you need to get started on a small aquarium. MX30


MX-30-RL 3G Picotope Light Fixture

3 Gal Pico Tope Clamp On Lamp - MX-30-RL

WF-2015 Picotope Replacement Filter

Pico Tope Replacement Filter Only. WF-2015

9W 50/50 Lamp Picotope

Pico Tope Replacement Bulb 9 Watt 50/50 - B9-BW10K-DUP

Picotope specs

What's in the Picotope?