Accela Powerheads

JBJ Acella Powerhead.  This unit works great with the new wave makers we have in stock.

This unit is extremely powerful and efficient.

This water pump is ideal for the dual Accella wave makers.

Accela pumps and powerheads for your JBJ Aquarium.

A great alternative to the standard Nano Cube pump. Use a a replacement pump for the filter as this unit puts off less heat in your tank.


Accela Powerhead Pump

The Acella Pump is ideal for freshwater and saltwater applications. The Accella Pump by JBJ can also be used with the duo or quadro wavemakers or any wave maker due to the quality of their shaft.

SP1-400-I Accela Replacement Impeller 400

JBJ Accela Replacement Impeller for Powerhead 400 - SP1-400-I

SP1-600-I Accela Replacement Impeller 600

JBJ Accela Replacement Impeller for Powerhead 600 - SP1-600-I

SP1-800-I Accela Replacement Impeller 800

JBJ Accela Replacement Impeller for Powerhead 800 - SP1-800-I

SP1-1000-I Accela Replacement Impeller 1000

JBJ Accela Replacement Impeller for Powerhead 1000 - SP1-1000-I

SP1-SC Accela Replacement Suction Cup Bracket

Replacement Suction Cup Bracket for JBJ Accela Powerhead - SP1-SC

6-12G Powerhead - SP-602

6-12 gal JBJ Nanocube Powerhead - SP-602

8G Nano 180 Pump Powerhead - MT-302-PM

8 Gallon JBJ Nano 180 Pump Powerhead - MT-302-PM

Accela Specs

Acella Power Head gallon per hour specifications