JBJ Nano Cubes

JBJ Aquarium

The self contained JBJ Nanocube offers the easiest solution for the hobbyist that demands high-tech performance in a miniature environment for their aquarium fish and corals. The elegant JBJ Nanocube offers panoramic viewing with smooth, rounded glass corners with the necessary filtration, lighting and circulation for a thriving mini-reef or freshwater aquarium.

Most JBJ Nanocube tanks offer the ideal dimensions for mini-reef and planted aquariums that require depth for rock stacking and planting.


- Built-In 3 stage wet dry filtration system on the JBJ Nanocubes.
This Nanocube's discreet filter system is hidden and provides maximum space for tank inhabitants. Mechanical-Sponge filter traps detritus and free floating particulate matter. Chemical-Activated carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odor. Biological-Ceramic rings & Bio-balls provide the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria.

- Depending on the model nanocubes come with Built-In Dual Cooling Fans.

Two Built-In 60 x 60 mm cooling fans that deliver the proper CFM for plenty of cooling while remaining completely quiet! Both fans automatically turn on with the lighting. Fans are protected with a special splash guard to resist corrosion and salt creep.
- Submersible Pump for water circulation.

- JBJ Nano Cube comes complete with a true Watt Power Compact Lighting System.
Installed with a splash-guard for the PC bulb and ballast protection. It provides 3x the performance of traditional fluorescent bulbs. The Nanocube Power Compacts provide maximum light output with the least amount of heat production while being very energy efficient.

- The JBJ Nanocube Flip Top Aquarium Canopy can be flipped back and held in place for easy access for tank cleaning and feeding.
The Nanocube is designed for extra heat output, with 4 engineered vents for cooler operation for you freshwater or saltwater fish.