Replacement Misc

In this section we offer a variety of replacement parts for your JBJ Nano Cube. If you're looking for something in particular for your JBJ brand tank that is not shown here, let us know. All of our items have a price match guarantee so do not hesitate to contact us.

JBJ Replacement Pump for 10 Gal Rimless Tank - RL-10-P
MT-60-FB 28 Gallon Empty Filter Media Basket
Replacement Feeder Lid for Nano Cube Hood - You Pick Size
Bio Balls 1pk - 6 Pieces - MT-BB
MT-HC Replacement Hinge Clip For MT30, MT402, MT50, MT60
Now Only
JBJ Replacement Fan for 12 / 24 Gallon Nano Cube - MT-40/50-F
Now Only
Replacement Fan for 28G Nano 2 Pack - MT-60-F

JBJ Nano Cube Replacement Plastic Lens Cover Splash Guard - You Pick Size

JBJ 28 Gal Nano Cube Replacement Quartz Glass (for MT-601)
JBJ MT-208-DX-RC Cubey Remote Control Replacement
Pico Tope Replacement Filter Only. WF-2015
JBJ Rimless RL-45 Replacement Hood Clip RL-45-CLIP