The New JBJ Wavemakers

Creating Motion in Captive Oceans

The Ocean Pulse Duo and Quadra are innovative wave makers that were specifically designed to replicate the natural alternating rhythms of tides and currents from the ocean for home aquariums.

Ships Free
J*BJ Ocean Pulse - QUADRA Wavemaker (4 pump Capacity) WM-02 4 plugs
JBJ Ocean Stream Kit - 2 X 500 GPH + Duo Wave Maker - OS-101K
Now Only
JBJ: Ocean Stream Kit Circulation Pump 1600 GHP + Duo Wave Maker OS-1K
JBJ Ocean Stream OS101 - Circulation Pump 500 gph
JBJ Ocean Stream OS1 - Circulation Pump 1,600 gph
JBJ Ocean Pulse - DUO Wave Maker (2 Pump Capacity)