Dennerle DE-CF Corner Filter 110V

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Dennerle DE-CF Corner Filter 110V Shrimp Safe

The Dennerle Nano Corner Filter is excellent for nano tanks from 2.5 Gallons to 10.5 Gallons (10L - 40L). This efficient filter has a pump delivery rate of 39.6gph (150 l/h). This quiet pump has a low power consumptoin of just 2 Watts to conserve energy. Highly adaptable, this device has an infinitley adjustable flow rate and a filter outlet that can be rotated 90° to direct flow anywhere you need. For easy cleaning of the nozzle openings, this filter is equipped with a nozzle tupe that has an integrated cleaning slide and a small brush.

To ensure that htis filter is safe for baby shrimp, Dennerle has taken extra precautions. The extra fine-pored preliminary bio-foam and extremely narrow intake openings keep young shrimp from getting caught inside.

Cleaning the filter element is as easy as grasping the outflow pipe and pulling the filter forward. The rear half of the filter stays in the tank. Wash the filter element with aquarium water in a clean bucket in order to avoid harming the filtering bacteria.