Dennerle DE-KH Shrimp King GH+/KH+ Salt

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Dennerle DE-KH Shrimp King GH+/KH+ Salt Multimineral

Dennerle Shrimp King Shrimp Salt GH+/KH+ is just the thing for targeted hardening of osmosis water, rain water, and deionized water. This salt was created especially for all species that require a neutral to slightly alkaline pH such as Neocaridina species and tiger shrimp. It’s great for keeping and breeding shrimp from locations with a comparatively neutral pH, e.g. Neocaridina species and their varieties such as White Pearl, Sakura, Rili, etc., as well as Tiger shrimp, Caridina mariae. With Shrimp Salt, you can achieve a total hardness and carbonate hardness comparable to that which shrimp are accustomed to in nature. It also increases filter bacteria activity and boosts aquarium plant growth.


·     Reaches the perfect water values for the successful keeping and breeding of shrimp that require a neutral to mildly acidic pH of 7.0-7.5

·     For even growth, vigor, vitality and great breeding success

·     Fosters growth as important natural nutrition, particularly for shrimp larvae

·     Contains vital vitamin B complex

·     Biologically balanced calcium-magnesium ratio

·     Generates suitable conditions for smooth molting