Dennerle NPK Booster 100ml Fertilizer DE-NPK

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Dennerle NPK Booster 100ml Fertilizer DE-NPK

Dennerle NPK Booster was created for the particular needs of aquascaping. In mixed community tanks, the nutrient levels are adequate or often too concentrated due to the fish food. Planted aquariums have much higher nutrient requirements due to dense planting, fast-growing plants, bright light levels, carbon dioxide fertilization, weekly partial water changes, and lack of fish food. NPK Booster provides nitrate, phosphate and potassium in a ration that is suitably balanced for aquarium plants. This means that the nutrient proportions have been selected so that all micronutrients are absorbed by the plants in roughly equal proportions. Consequently, NPK Booster deters both a deficiency as well as the dangerous buildup of any nutrient.


- Extra strength with phosphate and nitrate

- Exceptionally active ingredients

- Works rapidly

- Expressly designed for aquariums with abundant plants and little to no fish

- For fast, hearty, robust growth

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