Dennerle DE-SKC Shrimp King Food - Color

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Dennerle DE-SKC Shrimp King Food - Color

For concentrated color improvement of yellow, orange, and red shrimp species, give your shrimp Dennerle Shrimp King Color food granules. This diet has a high concentration of astaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein which naturally increase color. These sinking, water-stable diet grains are formulated from all-natural substances for pigment intensification of freshwater dwarf shrimp.

Yellow, orange, and red shrimp gain their colors from what they consume. These colorings, known as carotenoids, these colorings are mainly found in algae, flowers, fruits, and leafy vegetables. Shrimp and crawfish convert carotenoids into their own pigments, especially astaxanthin, which forms a molecular bond with the protein beta crustacyanin. These molecular compounds are stored in astonishing color cells and provide species-specific colors.

The way shrimp get their colors is similar to the popular pink flamingos: If these birds eat small, carotenoid-rich crustaceans like artemia, their feathers take on a pink color from the carotenoid or the astaxanthin they contain. However, they lose their pink pigment and become white if their diet does not contain any natural carotenoids.

Shrimp King Color is rich in natural colorings from a broad assortment of choice ingredients including micro-algae, crustaceans, tagetes flowers, paprika, carrots and decapsulated artemia eggs. You will see the full development of the species-specific colors with constant feeding.

Shrimp King Color is perfectly matched for the following species: Red Fire, Sakura Red, Sakura Orange, Blue Pearls, Yellow Fire, Black Tiger Shrimps and Blue Tiger Shrimps.

Premium proteins and essential amino acids from aquatic organisms function as carrier materials for the natural color boosters. Vitamins and important substances from varied species of algae and vegetables operate as "lubricants" for a working metabolism and vigorous defenses.

Free of artificial colors, preservatives, and fish meal - guaranteed.