Dennerle DE-SKS4 SK Shrimp Active Soil 4L

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Dennerle DE-SKS4 SK Shrimp Active Soil 4 Liter

Made from an assortment of carefully chosen natural materials, ShrimpKing Active Soil provides essential minerals and trace elements, which encourage the healthy development of shrimp. ShrimpKing Active Soil has been precisely developed for the successful care and breeding of shrimp that like soft, mildly acidic water, particularly bee shrimp, such as the popular Crystal Red, Red Bee, Tiger Bees and Shadow Shrimp. It alters the water to be more like that which soft water species are comfortable with in their native habitats. As a natural ion exchanger it lowers the pH and stabilizes it at a mildly acidic level (around pH 6.0-6.5). It simultaneously lowers the carbonate hardness - down to approximately 0-2 °d CH depending on the water source - and therefore creates significantly softer water. This substance also offers a natural source of humic and fulvic acids, without discoloring the water.


- The grains have a natural look with irregular shapes and a diameter of 1-4 mm

- The dark black shade contrasts attractively with the bright colors of the shrimp

- Tremendously well suited for use with substrate filter systems

- Porous surface is ideal for filtering bacteria to colonize

- Will not discolor water

- Fosters growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and single-cell algae and other single-cell organisms which are a valuable, natural food source for baby shrimp

- Binds damaging substances for a healthy habitat

- Also perfect for all tropical fish and plant species that favor soft, somewhat acidic water

- Does not boost excessive algae

- The use of Shrimp King Bee Salt matched with osmosis water lengthens the useful life of ShrimpKing Active Soil

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