Dennerle Alternanthera Reineckii 'Lila' In Vitro Live Plant DE-30054

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Dennerle Alternanthera Reineckii 'Lila' In Vitro Live Plant DE-30054 Plant-it Cup

Alternanthera Reineckii “Lila” gets its name from the rich lavender color of its leaves. With good light levels, the new growth is tremendously dense and the leaves are close together. This flamboyant stem plant is also appropriate for the midground thanks to its extremely slow growth. However, it requires frequent pruning to prevent it from covering the background plants. A nutrient-rich soil and a decent CO2 supply ensure successful cultivation in the tank.


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Red cultivars tend to die back when planted in a tank, but will recover in a week or two with good lighting and CO2 dosing.




• A vividly colored stem plant with magenta and violet-tinted leaves

• For the middle to background in nano cubes

• Top-seller for aquascaping

• Requires regular trimming and fertilizing

• Ideal temps 22-28°C (72-82°F)

• CO2 20 to 30mg/L

• Plant is shipped in a watertight clear plastic cup and is guaranteed free of disease, algae, snails, and other unwanted pests

• Acclimation is not needed since the leaves are submerged in the container

• “How to Plant” care guide printed inside the label

• Keep sealed in temps ranging from 72 to 78° and daylight until ready to use

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