Replacement Parts


Need to update your current nano cube with some parts or media such as carbon or rings or other things like a ballast gone bad?  Well you are in the right section.

We offer the largest line of replacement parts and media for these nano cube aquariums.

Be sure to also check out the replacement hood section if you're looking for a brand-new hood that will include the bulbs as well.

We carry the full replacement line of JBJ nano cube carbon, JBJ replacement ballast, sponges, lighting equipment and more. 

We carry many name brand JBJ full replacement parts for the nano cubes.  Keep that aquarium in ship shop shape by replacing your bulbs and carbon every 6 months.

If you are looking for replacement bulbs for your HQI or PC Nano Cube, please visit our Metal Halide Bulbs and Power Compact Light Bulbs sections.