JBJ Submariner UV

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JBJ Submariner UV Sterilizer/Clarifier

The JBJ Submariner is the proactive solution for eradicating harmful micro-organisms and unattractive green free-floating algae in fresh & saltwater aquariums.

 The Submariner is revolutionary!

JBJ UV sterilizer/clarifier is completely submersible, which means it can be placed either in the main body of the aquarium or positioned horizontally in a sump for a clutter free set-up.

Model # UV-C Lamp Wattage Pump GPH Dimensions Tank Size
UVF-5 5 watt submariner 74–145 40 gal
UVF-9 9 watt submariner 74–145 100 gal

Stay in Control with the JBJ Submariner by JBJ Lighting
The ability to adjust flow rates puts you in total control of what you intend to eradicate. Slower flow rates increase the dwell (contact time) period with the UV for more resistant parasites while faster flow rates are needed to rid undesirable bacteria and free-floating algae. We have also incorporated an adjustable swivel spout nozzle to add extra flow in your aquarium as a secondary benefit.


Now Only
JBJ NanoZapper UV-C Sterilizer MT-NZ3
3 WATT - Replacement Lamp for the JBJ Nano Zapp - MT-NZ-2
JBJ NanoZapp Replacement Quartz Sleeve/O Ring - MT-NZ-3
submariner sponge_20160202090753
JBJ 5 Watt UV Submariner - Replacement 3 Pack Sponges (Filter Media) UV-08
9 Watt UV Sterilizer Submariner by JBJ. This Sterilizer is just what you need for a larger tank. UVF-9 - FREE SHIPPING
Replaces the original bulb for the UV 7 Watt Submariner - UVF-7L
Submariner Specs
5 Watt JBJ UV submariner sterilizer by JBJ.  Keep your aquarium water pest free. UV-5L
The bulb will replace the main bulb in the JBJ submariner 5 Watt UV sterilizer