*JBJ Submariner UV Clarifier UV-5L

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5 Watt JBJ UV submariner sterilizer by JBJ.  Keep your aquarium water pest free. UV-5L

JBJ Submariner UV Sterilizer (5 Watt)
Rated for aquariums up to 40 gallons /  Pumps 74-145 gph

Just the right size for the smaller tanks such as nano cubes as this submariner UV works up to 40 gallons.

Tired of ick and other disease and pathogens in your aquarium?  If so the Submariner is just what you need in your aquarium.

Comes with its own internal powerhead so no extra parts to by for this UV filter.  This U.V. Sterlizer can eradicate greenwater and pathogens as well.  Keep your fish and other aquarium inhabitants happy and healthy with this convenient sterilizer.

Tank Size: 40gal (74-145 GPH)

JBJ, a name for aquarium products.

We have limited quantities so order them while you can!

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