Aquarium Sponge

Replacing your sponges every month on your JBJ Nano Cube is a good idea.  Sponges are important to keep ammonia and nitrates @ bay in your saltwater or freshwater aquarium.

For many of our replacement sponges for all of the nano cubes, we offer shipping in a variety of sizes.

Get the correct one for your aquarium.

28 Gal NanoCube - Replacement Sponge - MT-60-S
JBJ: 24 Gal NanoCube Replacement Sponge - MT-50-S
28 gallon sponge_20160616122932
12 Gallon Replacement Filter Sponge Alt V - MT-40-S
28 gallon sponge_20160204061947
JBJ 3G Cubey Deluxe Replacement Sponge - MT-208DX-S
This is the replacement Sponge Filter Media for the JBJ 3 Gal Picotope