Replacement Hoods


We will keep an update of all in-stock JBJ nano cube replacement hoods.

12 and 24 gallon HOODS have been redesigned. Any hood manufactured before August 2008, will require a replacement of the hoods AND ballast, if replacing either one.

These JBJ nano cube hoods include the bulbs as well as the ballast with the 6 gallon one. These are special order only and quantities of the replacement hoods for the JBJ Nano cube aquariums are very limited. And many times we must wait till a damaged tank arrives. Feel free to email us as to availability but typically they are in stock @ all times.
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12G Nano Cube LED Replacement Canopy - MT-408-C

12 Gallon LED Nano Cube - 17.5 Watt LED Hood Only - MT-408-C
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24 G Deluxe NanoCube Replacement Hood

DX JBJ 24 Gallon FULL Nano Cube Replacement Hood. Will upgrade to the newer  hood with led bulb

24G 28G LED WIFI Canopy 29 Watt Upgrade Hood - Intermediate - MT-603-CKIT Free Upgrade to WIFI mt- 604 hood

24 Gal 28 Gal LED Canopy 29 Watt Upgrade Hood - Intermediate - MT-603-CKIT   This Model has been upgraded to the MT-604 WiFI Hood
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Wifi Has replaced this version 28G Compact Fluorescent Quad Canopy Kit - MT-602-CKIT

104 Watt Quad Canopy Kit - Fits 28 Gal & 24 Gal Nano-Cubes - MT-602-CKIT

6G LED Nano Cube - 13W LED Canopy Only - MT-308-C

6 Gallon LED Nanocube - 13 Watt LED Canopy Only - MT-308-C

RL-45 Glass Replacement

Uh oh did you break your Glass on your 45 gallon nano cube tank?
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12 G DX Hood Replacement - MT-402-C2

12 Gal Deluxe Replacement Hood Includes Bulbs x 2 Fans - MT-402-C2

Question on nano cube lighting and UV

Full blown question on HQI Viper lighting and open top tanks
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24-28G Professional LED Replacement Hood by JBJ - MT-601-CKIT

This offers LED lighting for 24 or 28 gallon professional Nano Cube in the extreme. MT-601-CKIT