Dennerle Cryptocoryne Cordata In Vitro Live Plant C30 DE-30018

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Dennerle Cryptocoryne Cordata InVitro Live Plant C30 Plant-it Cup DE-30018

This type of crypto is native to South Thailand, West Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. The varieties have leaves that can be quite diverse in shape and color. This kind of cordata has narrower leaves than the prevalent heart-shaped type. The top side of the leaf has an eye-catching dark veins and the underside is reddish. Cryptocoryne cordata grows best in low-level illumination and softer water. After allowing time for adjustment, this crypt can also live in harder water. Reaching a maximum height of 20 cm (7 3/4 inch), this plant is best for the middle zone of your aquascape.


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·        Splendid middle-ground plant for Nano Cubes

·       Great beginner plant

·        Propagated and packed in sterile surroundings, so the plant is free of infestations and pathogens

·        Free of all unwanted organisms, including algae and snails

·        Specimen is sent in a sealed container with leaves submerged so it does not require acclimation

·        Includes planting directions inside the label

·        CO2 10-30mg/L

      ·        Ideal growing temperature range 22 to 28°C (65 to 78°F)

      ·       Store unopened in temperatures within 72 to 78° and daylight until ready to plant