Dennerle Alternanthera Reineckii Mini In Vitro Live Plant A03 DE-30055

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Dennerle Alternanthera Reineckii Mini In Vitro Plant-it Red Live Plant A03 DE-30055

This vibrant new Alternanthera cultivar came onto the market just a few years ago, and is a gorgeous foreground focal point. Its development is very similar to other varieties of Alternanthera when grown above water. However, when submerged, it keeps a compact, miniature size. Try planting it with a light green carpet of Hemianthus to create a bold color contrast in your aquascape. Alternanthera Reineckii requires very strong illumination.


An advantage that the culture cups provide is their many tiny plantlets that can be separated and spread throughout your aquascape, so you get a lot of value for the price.


Note: No international shipping available for this item.


Red cultivars tend to die back when planted in a tank, but should recover in a week or two with good lighting and CO2 dosing.



·         Mini, compact Alternanthera for the foreground in nano cubes

·         Grows extremely compact with bright lighting

·         Brilliant focal point for your planted tank

·         Requires a lot of maintenance

·         CO2: 20-30 mg/l

·         Ideal temp range of 72 to 82°F (22 to 28°C)

·         Each plant packed in sterile conditions and shipped in a watertight plastic cup, and is guaranteed free of pathogens, parasites, algae, and snails

·         Leaves are submersed in the culture cup, which means they do not require acclimation

·         “How to Plant” care guide printed inside the label

·         Store sealed in temperatures ranging from 72 to 78° F and daylight until ready to use

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