Dennerle DE-SKYG Shrimp King Food - Yummy Gum

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Dennerle DE-SKYG Shrimp King Food - Yummy Gum

Shrimp King Yummy Gum is an adhesive putty food providing a biologically balanced diet for shrimp. The food can be pressed onto rocks, wood, or the tank glass, forming a "shrimp grazing area" on which the animals feed. Shrimp King Yummy Gum contains 100% natural ingredients suitable for all shrimp species.

Tip: Shrimp King Yummy Gum is also perfect for feeding snails and serves as a tasty snack for many small fish species.


This diet includes all the essential nutrients and substances for growth that shrimp need every day. Balanced growth is ensured with high-quality proteins and essential amino acids sourced from various crustaceans and protein plants.

Valuable spirulina algae and flavorful nettle leaves give the little armored knights key vitamins and trace elements that act as "lubricants" for a functioning metabolism. Natural plant nutrients support the body‘s defenses. The plants also provide fiber which promotes healthy digestion. Top-quality montmorillonite, a natural clay mineral, delivers an optimum mineral supply. And natural carotenoids enhances the development of species-specific coloring.

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