Dennerle DE-SKAT Shrimp King Food - Atyopsis

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Dennerle DE-SKAT Shrimp King Food - Atyopsis for Freshwater Fan Shrimp

Shrimp King Atyopsis is a specially formulated powdered food providing a biologically balanced diet for freshwater fan shrimp. All important nutrients, building blocks and vital substances are included. The optimal particle size allows for effective feeding and decreased water pollution. For healthy, balanced growth and brilliant colors.

Guarantee: Like all Dennerle Shrimp King food products, Atyopsis is made without artificial preservatives and pigments, and without fish meal.
Background information

Shrimp King Atyopsis includes all essential nutrients and building blocks fan shrimp need every day. Top-quality proteins and essential amino acids from insect larvae and crustaceans promote balanced growth and successful breeding. Vitamins and secondary phytochemicals from diverse types of algae and vegetables function as “lubricants” for an active metabolism. Fibers help improve digestion. Natural carotenoids aid with the full development of the various kinds of colors and patterns of each species. Each food serving contains varied nutrition thanks to the numerous ingredients.

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