Picotope specs

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What's in the Picotope?

Our unique Clamp on Lamp fixture hangs on the back wall and can be positioned UP, DOWN, and even FORWARD to find that perfect illumination spot to view your favorite live animal.

This energy saving JBJ Compact Fluorescent fixture contains a 9 Watt 50/50 lamp with a remote ballast for a cooler running pico environment.

Advanced Features of the JBJ Pico Tope:

• Telescoping arms
• Adjustable light hood
• Space-saving design
• Remote ballast
• 2-in-1 lamp (blue & white)
• Energy efficient

Our illumination system is the ideal choice to house:
A. Freshwater Fish
B. Invertebrates
C. Mushrooms
D. Zooanthids
E. Live Rock

Power: 9 Watt Model: CL-609 Kelvin (lamp color): 50/50 CF Lamp (Half 7100K Blue/Half 10K White) Ballast Type: Magnetic / Remote Tank Dimensions: 11.8” x 8.9” x 8.1”Capacity: 3 US Gallon