Dennerle Marsilea Hirsuta In Vitro Live Plant M90 DE-137

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Dennerle Marsilea Hirsuta Dwarf Four Leaf Clover In Vitro Live Plant M90 DE-137

Marsilea hirsuta is a member of the water clover family that is found in Australia. It’s also called the dwarf four leaf clover due to its diminutive size. This plant grows in wetland habitats, developing small clover shaped leaflets when above the water. When underwater, ovate leaflets usually form, resembling the Glossostigma plant. However, Marsilea is much easier to care for and very undemanding. A new plant will tank some time to acclimatize to an aquascape, but it gradually produces a lovely carpet. Any immersed shoots should be completely cut off before planting; new submerged shoots will gradually grow.


One benefit to the InVitro culture cups is that they contain multiple small plantlets that can be divided and spread throughout your tank, so you get great value for your money.



• Short, spreading water clover

• Grows well in shaded areas

• Marvelous species for beginners

• Makes an outstanding foreground plant in a nano cube

• Ideal temps 68-78°F (20-26°C)

• CO2 - 10 to 30mg/L

• Each plant is packaged in a watertight plastic container and is guaranteed free of pathogens, parasites, algae, and snails

• Planting instructions can be found inside the label

• Store sealed in temperatures ranging from 72 to 78° F and daylight until ready to plant