DE-CL Dennerle Catappa Leaves

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DE-CL Dennerle Catappa Leaves

The leaves and bark of catappa trees have been frequently used in aquariums in Asian countries for a long time. Owners and breeders of many different freshwater animals such as bettas, discus, shrimp, crawfish, Plecostomus, and snails use the leaves and bark for the treatment of bacterial infections, and also to heal injuries of fish, such as bites or transportation wounds. The risk of wound infections is dramatically reduced when catappa leaves are being used.
The comprised humic acid and tanning agents support the mucous membranes of the fish and make it tough for bacterial pathogens to get through this protection. Similarly, the leaves are helpful for the reproduction and breeding of your fish and shrimp. On the one hand, they stimulate the mating disposition of your animals, on the other they lessen fungi spawn. Even the growth of blue algae (cyanobacteria) will be diminished by the compounds from the leaves. Another extraordinary consequence of using catappa leaves is that the bacteria beneficial to the aquarium are verifiably not impaired.
When transporting fish, it is highly recommended to add a little piece of catappa leaf to the water used. This noticeably decreases the vulnerability and stress which the animals experience from the high concentrations of bacteria. 
You may also condition your fresh water with a catappa leaf before you change your tank water. This aids in reducing stress for your shrimp and fish. 
By releasing humic acids and tanning agents, catappa leaves help simulate a natural habitat and improve the energy and health of your aquarium inhabitants.


§  Natural water additive for tanks and a food supplement for plecos, shrimp, and snails

§  Contain multiple natural active ingredients, which have a positive impact on water and animals, including valuable humic and fulvic acids

§  Promote wellbeing, life and breeding

§  The method for success used by Asian breeders and exporters of freshwater ornamental shrimp and fish

§  Mature, dried leaves from the tree Terminalia catappa (tropical almond tree)

§  Add natural substances to the water that aquarium shrimp and fish would experience in the wild

§  Strengthen and safeguard the mucous membranes and gills of your fish

§  Protect the chitin and gills of shrimp and crawfish

§  Boost the body‘s own defenses, relieve stress

§  Inhibit harmful germs, prevent mold and fungal illness in fish

§  Improve the breeding success of fish and shrimp

§  Have a mildly acidifying effect and stabilize the pH level

§  Perfect for recently established tanks (protects shrimp and fish, nutritional supplement for catfish)

§  100% pure, natural product

§  High quality: picked directly from the tree, cleaned, dried, hand sorted

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