DE-CB Dennerle Catappa Bark

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DE-CB Dennerle Catappa Bark 10 pcs

The leaves and bark of catappa trees have been commonly used in aquariums in Asian countries for a long time. Bacterial ailments are treated with catappa bark, and fish that suffer from injuries such as bites or transportation wounds heal faster with this bark. Shrimp, crawfish, bettas, discus, and Plecostomus all benefit from the humic acid and tannin. The effect of catappa bark is similar to that of catappa leaves, but much more potent. It strengthens the mucous membranes of fish, making it difficult for harmful bacterial to permeate this protection. Catappa bark also promotes the mating disposition of your fish and shrimp, while reducing fungal infections of spawn. The compounds in the bark even inhibit the growth of blue algae (cyanobacteria). Remarkably, the filtering bacteria is not impaired when you use catappa bark.


When transporting shrimp and fish, it is very beneficial to add a small piece of catappa bark to the bag. This reduces stress and vulnerability to disease which the animals experience from the high concentrations of bacteria.


You may also condition your fresh water with our catappa bark pieces conducting a water change. This helps relieve stress for your shrimp and fish.


Usage: Place a piece of bark straight into the tank. One piece of catappa bark is enough for around 25 Gal. (100 L) of water. The bark will soon sink to the bottom of the tank. If you want a swift disposal of the active ingredients, infuse the catappa bark quickly in hot water. Normally, the active agents in catappa bark are released to the water over the course of 3 weeks. After that, you may add a fresh piece to the tank. You can either discard the old piece of bark or leave it in your aquarium as additional feed or hide-out for your shrimp. If you are also using catappa leaves, please consider this when determining the dosage. Catappa bark can be stored for an indefinite length of time if kept dry. Because this is a completely natural product, changes in form, color, and size may occur.



-  For tropical freshwater aquariums

-  For shrimp, crabs, crawdads, and fish

-  Improves the mucous membrane and averts fungal infections

-  Strongly recommended for tanks with very large stocks of animals and plants

-  100% natural tropical almond tree bark

-  Slightly raises water acidity

-  Includes 10 pieces of bark around 3” to 4” long

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