Welcome to Jbj Nano Cube website, A reseller of the Nano Cube Aquarium Lighting, nano 180 hald moonBulbs, Metal Halide  Chillers and NanoCubes.   In stock Reaction UV filter Sponges, Carbon media, lights Co2 Regulators and more.   NEW Reaction UV Aquarium Filters.

AQT Enterprise offers one of the largest selections of JBJ Aquarium Supplies and lights for on the net.   Stocking co2 regulators, power compact lighting, Submariner Uv sterlizer, as well as all sizes of the Nano Cube tanks and Replacement Bulbs including Metal Halide. 

Be sure to see our huge selection of freshwater and saltwater aquarium co2 supplies, Arctica chillers, and lighting sponges.  Newest Design on the JBJ gallon 28 LED Professional tank and  stand with Chiller Compartment!

Nano Skimmer Sale  

 Finally the new 28 Gallon JBJ NanoCube
with HQI is in stock 
. Going out the door quicker than we can pack em.  Update page has been changed 

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28 gal HQI with protein skimmer and 2 stage wavemaker.
 Nano Cubes   filters on sale 
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JBJ lighting is pleased to present The ultimate aquarium biotope! These Ul Approved self-contained aquarium- nanocube offers everything for the hobbyist who demands state-of-the-art performance in a miniature nano tank at an unbeatable price. This aquarium is glass with rounded front corners for an acrylic tank look.  6 Gal JBJ Nano Cube Sale

                 PRICE BEAT POLICY

Many of our freshwater and Saltwater aquarium supplies, Aquarium chillers, and aquarium lighting offer a price beat promise.  Find any co2 tanks, co2 reactors and diffusers, Lighting, chillers, or water testers in stock from another aquarium authorized reseller.  Send us the link and we will do our best to beat their price.  Send the email to Orders@aquatic-store.com. We also have a sale on replacement sponges , carbon and ceramic rings.  Reaction Filter in stock


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 We also offer the full line of replacement media, ballasts and all aquarium lighting and bubs.  Is your aquarium getting hot from to much lighting?  Well purchase a JBJ arctica chiller from us and use your gift certificate @ any one of our stores.
The Artica Chiller offers a quite solution in tank cooling.  Many of our customers keep the arctica in their bedrooms.  How is that for silence!  Your fish, corals and plants will love you for it!!

 See the new jbj picotope here 
Also available the new k-2 Viper light clamp on light


The New  5 watt Submariner U.V. Sterlizer now in stock

Review it and upload pics of your pico topes here http://www.fish-forums.com/board/reviewp_prog/rp/showproduct.php/product/66/sort/7/cat/4/page/1

IN stock the K-2 Viper Clamp on  metal halide lamp,  K1- and K-2 Viper metal halide lights.  jbj Picotope IN STOCK NOW  

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Jbj nano cube

On sale now the jbj nano cube.  Comes with hood, Filter pumps and a whole lot more